Nov 21 2011

Office Max

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Office Max is a distributor of office supplies sells a wide range of topics known brands such as Intel, HP, Brother, Kodak and Avery subcategories of writing instruments, cleaning, packing the goods computers, office machines, devices and technology. High quality products of famous brands are sold in retail stores at prices as low as HP Deskjet printer, commercial cleaners Clorox vertical cabinet and many others. Office Max offers many promotions and discounts, such as saving $ 200 on printers, 20% discount on office furniture and buy 2, get 1 free for office supplies. His program MaxPerks for businesses and teachers is a reward program, customers earn money from the dealer. Reward for teachers is $ 10 for every dollar you spend $ 75. In addition, teachers can buy double the number of record sales of consumer otherwise normal. With about 900 stores in the United States, Office Max customer praise for its dissemination and its office solutions that provide businesses, entrepreneurs and home based businesses. For 2011, the Office Max is the second largest retailer of office supplies in the United States.