Nov 21 2011


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KegWorks is a division of Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo Inc., an operator of a unique mix of niche e-commerce sites, offering high-end products such as the provision of home bars, furniture and equipment for barbecue. Founded in 1999, is a vast KegWorks in the heart of downtown Buffalo, New York. KegWorks is proud to offer quality products and being experts on the products they offer. No one knows home bar supplies and equipment KegWorks done and it’s their job to share this knowledge with our customers! KegWorks now brings thousands of items from some of the leading suppliers worldwide. Each product is reviewed and revised by the team of product in-house to ensure that every product they offer is something innovative and exciting, that will bring value to customers. Also, when an order is placed, "KegWorks house quality assurance team ensures that any criticism and to leave the door meets the stamp of approval KegWorks.